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Adam Stacks is a German Music Producer and Disc Jokey greatly influenced by HipHop, Soul, and House Music. Born in Mannheim (Germany), he began to publish music in the early 2011s, releasing his debut EP “Traumtänzer” (Dream Dancer) consisting of 4 tracks. Currently based in Frankfurt (Germany) he has been producing ever since and gained over 10.000.000 streams on Spotify with over 70 published songs and gets featured in DJ Sets by artists like ClaptoneMarco Carola, Eelke Kleijn, Solomun, or Bebetta.


From a young age, Adam became enthusiastic about the American hip-hop culture and skater scene. In the beginning, it was artists like Mos Def or Cali Agent whom he got to know through the skate video series 411 and why started freestyling at the age of 14. Later there were more and more artists like Snoop Dogg, DPG, or the Cash Money Millionaires that inspired him.


After graduating from secondary school, he invested all of his time to practice producing and therefore saw no reason to do his Abitur (high school)—so he broke it off twice. The elation for the more synthetic-sounding and bass-heavy southern beats and the fact that he wanted to rap on his own beats ultimately led to wanting to build tracks himself. Role models at the time were Many Fresh and Neptunes


But his enthusiasm for producing also got him eventually convinced to graduate as an audio engineer. It also led him to repeat his degree exams—because instead of learning he builds beats all day and night. After graduating, he started his own business as a freelance sound engineer, and as a sideline, he began to take up songwriting jobs for commercial music and pop songs. During his entire career, he discovered his love for electronic music and found a way to fully develop musically without limits—because he only needs himself and his laptop for what he does.


On March 11, 2011, Adam Stacks released his first EP named "Traumtänzer" (Dreamdancer) and additionally his first music video for the Track "Wolkenbruch" (Cloudburst) from the EP. To which he wrote the according to storyboard. After the release, he and his then partner Waldemar Kies decided to found the label "Natürlich Elektronisch" (Naturally Electronic). This resulted in a total of 5 releases, 3 of which were by Adam, before the decision was made to close the label again. The first release called "Love Affairs" was a huge career boost for Adam as the track "Hey Love" was chosen by none other than Maya Jane Coles for their well-known DJ Kicks compilation in 2012. The track made it onto both; the Mix CD and the vinyl, which contained a compilation of fewer tracks.


In July 2012 his release "Just A Minute" came on the Berlin cult label "Katermukke" and with it his DJ debut in the legendary club Kater Holzig. The release provided another push to his career so that Adam was also booked outside of Germany. He played in France, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland, among others. He also got the opportunity to play a small club tour throughout Germany with the American house legend George Morel as part of their Groove On Records label.


In 2014 he founded his own record label called "Beans & Bacon" which he still operates today. Since 2015 he publishes his own music almost exclusively on his own label as well as over 20 other artists.


2017 he then founded his own publishing edition called "Edition B&B Publishing" at Motor Music. He also organized label parties and ran his online shop for Beans & Bacon streetwear until 2019.


Since 2021 he has been focusing on his music again and has been the only artist to release on his label. He pauses his own events as well as the separate streetwear label in order to concentrate fully on his music.

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